XanGo and The Mangosteen Fruit – The Recent and Exciting Breakthroughs In Health and Financial Freedom

We value you taking a few minutes of your time to see for yourself something that we believe to be the best opportunity in the world today, an opportunity that is changing people’s health and wealth in extraordinary ways. We hope that you will read this letter with an open mind. Remember, the most costly thing anyone can own is a closed mind. Over the next few minutes we are going to share with you the story of how this category creating product was discovered, how it was brought to market by this great company and show you the terrific growth and success that we have experienced up to this point. But, more importantly, we will show you the impact that this company and its future can have on you.

Through a direct sales business model, XanGo, LLC opens new worldwide avenues for innovative entrepreneurs who understand the influence of personal relations and the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Fascinatingly low overhead. Business simplicity. Global reach right from your home town. You can experience entrepreneurial freedom, unlimited potential and, without a doubt, the world’s smallest commute. Learn why business veterans and new entrepreneurs likewise are flocking to XanGo.

We are going to start out by giving you a immediate overview of the network marketing and health and wellness industries. You really owe it to yourself to see why now, more than ever, people are moving to network marketing to create new streams of income. If you keep doing the same thing you are doing right now, where will you be in 6 months? How about a year from now? The common age for retirement is sixty seven years old, and it’s forecasted that eighty five percent of those who retire will live out the rest of their lives in near poverty. How are you going to stop that from happening to you? What’s your nest egg? What’s your strategy? Network marketing is one of the few industries that allows you to build an income that can be more profitable than any mutual fund or stock market account and the residual income don’t have to stop coming when you stop working.

Right now, the health and wellness industry accumulates over 200 billion dollars a year, and analysts forecast it will grow to over one trillion dollars annually by the year 2010, that will bring forward over 1.9 million dollars every 60 seconds. Whether you are part of it or not, this is going to take place. In times past, Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba were all little known products. All of these products became household names through multi-level marketing. You are without question the most logical and effective marketing channel available. Why? Think of the last DVD you saw or the last restaurant you visited. Why did you go? Chances are, someone recommended it to you. Word of mouth marketing is more effective than any other form of marketing. That is the reason XanGo, LLC has embraced this model. Your position couldn’t be better.

About the Product.

A new and very exciting product has hit the worldwide market in the last five years. XanGo is truly a unique product with natural general appeal which harnesses incredible nutritional power of the whole of the mangosteen fruit (out of South East Asia) and offers it in the form of an indescribably delicious beverage. In its first year of business, the product sold US$50 million and in its second year US$240 million. Sales are conservatively projected to reach US$1billion by 2010. The brand name XanGo was created from two words – Xanthones and Mangosteen. XanGo harnesses the incredible nutritional power of the whole mangosteen fruit and offers it in the form of an indescribably delicious beverage. It is difficult to describe the flavor with accuracy – some people detect a hint of strawberry, while others are reminded of kiwi, pomegranate, or grape. The complex flavor of this sweet, dry beverage however wins instant praise for all who try it. An ounce or two in the morning is all you need to start your day invigorated, rejuvenated and energized. As the first commercial product to feature the complete nutrition of the whole mangosteen fruit, XanGoTM is an indisputable category creator, unleashing a new superstar in the world of health supplements.

The Mangosteen fruit., scientists have learned is a super rich source of an incredibly powerful chemical compound called Xanthones. XanGo, the whole fruit puree of the mangosteen, is the result of modern science applied to ancient folklore. The original inhabitants of South East Asia, China and India used the mangosteen fruit as a medicinal herb for centuries to cure fevers, ailments and generally all diseases of the human body. It was also used as an effective energy boosting supplement particularly when recovering from illnesses. Xanthones are a family of phytonutrients that exhibit a number of remarkable qualities. Two of the most powerful Xanthones, alpha mangos tin and gamma mangostin are found in the mangosteen pericarp or rind.

Richer in anti-oxidant properties than even Vitamins C and E, these Xanthones have been known to:- a) Support microbiological balance b) Maintain immune system health c) Promote joint flexibility d) Provide positive mental support e) Protect against free radical damage and f) Give vital anti-oxidant support. Further the research suggests that Xanthones profoundly assists in the positive treatment of such many diseases such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Cardiac Blockage, Hypertension, Arthritis, Gastro-intestinal conditions, all types of Cancer and many other ailments too numerous to mention.

Over the next fourteen weeks I will be sending you fourteen newsletters one per week, which when all read you will know all about this new product XanGo, the incredible company that has brought it to market and how you can benefit from the product healthwise and financially. In addition in each newsletter you will receive one article per week on the various aspects of Attraction Marketing, which is the new approach to marketing a product such as XanGo, and which is gaining currency and popularity in the network marketing industry. Your use of such an approach in the marketing of XanGo is virtually guaranteed to succeed once it is employed correct.

Here then is a summary of what you will receive every week for the next fourteen weeks:-

Week 1
Introductory message listing what you will receive in the next thirteen weeks about the product and organization that is XanGo, its benefits and guarantees. The first of the articles on Attraction Marketing to be presented is entitled “How Attraction Marketing Can Be Used By The Network Marketer For Success”.

Week 2
The second newsletter outlines what the composition of XanGo is and what people are saying about the benefits they have derived from it (testimonials and xango juice reviews). The second of the articles on Attraction Marketing presented is entitled “An Overview of the Internet Marketing Industry and How You Can Succeed in It”.

Week 3
The third newsletter in the series outlines the Science and Research Behind the Mangosteen and contains further testimonials of persons using the product. The third of the Attraction Marketing articles is entitled “The Five Great Fallacies About Network Marketing and How You Can Escape It for Success in Your Business”.

Week 4
The fourth newsletter in the series outlines why the company XanGo chose the Network Marketing model to promote its product and why this model (xango affiliate networking) gives you the great opportunity to achieve financial freedom. The fourth Attractiion Marketing article is entitled ” How A Blog Can raise Your Internet Business For Success”.

Week 5
The fifth newsletter outlines why Timing, Opportunity and Preparedness is most important for one to embrace what XanGo presents to the budding entrepreneur. The fifth Attraction Marketing article presented is entitled “How To Use Emails In Your Internet Marketing Campaigns for Success”.

Week 6
The 6th newsletter in the series outlines the marvellous growth that XanGo has experienced in its short life span and how you can share in it’s projected future growth. The sixth Attraction Marketing article is entitled ” How To Use the Telephone to Recruit Prospects and Customers”.

Week 7
In week seven, the newsletter will outline how favourably Corporate America views the Network Marketing Industry as recorded by Fortune Magazine. The seventh Attraction Marketing Article is entitled ” How To Write Artcles to Attract Prospects and Customers”.

Week 8
In week 8, the newsletter outlines the tax benefits to be had with a Network Marketing (Home Based) Business. The eighth Attraction Marketing article is entitled “How To Choose the Correct Niche when Setting Up Your Internet Business”.

Week 9
In week 9, the newsletter gives a description of the free website, training and communication to be had when you join the My mangosteen XanGo team. The 9th Attraction Marketing article is entitled “How To Leverage the Media to Promote Your Internet Business”.

Week 10
In week 10, the newsletter outlines what it takes to become financially independent – it simply means following what other successful people have done before. The Attraction Marketing article for this week is entitled “Building Your List using Attractive Content In Your Articles”.

Week 11
In Week 11 of our series, the newsletter describes the charitable work that XanGo does in seeking to provide for the less fortunate among us. The Attraction Marketing article for week 11 is entitled ” How to Develop and Use Keywords for Search Engine Optimization Success”.

Week 12
In Week 12, the newsletter provides links to what other peer organizations have said about XanGo as recorded in Directsellingnews.com. The Attraction Marketing article for this week is entitled “How to Structure and Market Your Email Articles for the Best Success”.

Week 13
In Week 13 the newsletter provides a link to a video in which Donald Trump gives his opinion of the network marketing business. The Attraction Marketing article for this week is entitled ” How To Close The Deal with Your Network Marketing Prospect”.

Week 14
In week 14 the newsletter closes the series by simply asking the reader if there are any remaining questions to be answered. The final Attraction Marketing article in this series is entitled ” A Positive Approach to Life Makes the Difference between Success and Failure in Your Network Marketing Business”.

All these newsletters can be accessed when you go the link XanGo Attraction Marketing.

Your contact info will be held in the strictest confidence.

We hope you’ve found this article about network marketing fallacies very educational and informative. There are a number of Network Marketing Articles

Thank you for your kind attention.

Nigel Gittens.

Nigel Gittens is an avid network marketer for the past six years.

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